A window sill spilling over
with pink geraniums...

I grew up in India and lived in many cities, my favourite being Dharamshala. I studied English Literature at Loreto College, Kolkata and people’s faces in local trains in Bombay, where I began my first communications job. Soon after, I moved to Bangalore, married, and then for three glorious years, my husband, Asheesh and I lived in Chicago. Melbourne followed, where my son was born and now for the last ten years, Singapore is home. What was supposed to be a two-year stint has turned into a semi permanent displacement spanning fifteen years and three continents, though I still harbour dreams of moving back to India someday. To live in a small cottage in the hills, with a window sill spilling over with pink geraniums, a coffee mug in hand and a day that consists of little else apart from long walks through mountain trails, a library filled with all of my books and writing at a little desk that overlooks a yawning valley. And a dog.


Hypnotic Exploration

But dreams must wait. For now, I write when I can, in the margins of days crammed with children and chores and things that must be done and things that cannot wait.

So I do feel a little bit of pride in being able to get my first book out, not without considerable nagging from family and friends, chiefly my mother, and a completely unexpected bit of love from Gulzar Sahab, who has found something of value in my words and calls my book ‘a hypnotic exploration of what lies within.’

Thank you for visiting me here and when you are ready to leave, I hope you carry a little something from my poems with you.